De Novo offers strategic customized end-to-end solutions to expand your business and maximize revenue by connecting you to opportunities through our subsidiaries.


Marketing & Advertising


De Novo, through its subsidiary Creative Solutions, offers comprehensive marketing and advertising services, with extensive experience in online and offline advertising, including direct marketing, product development, branding, and marketing strategy. Clinch is a proprietary automated sales solutions offered through the agency’s business solutions. De Novo Canada and De Novo UK also offer marketing services.




Through  Convergence Group and De Novo Canada, we provide consulting for strategic planning, development and execution in select global markets, including interim management, operations reengineering, profit optimization, analytics, credit policy reviews and more. De Novo (UK) Limited and Sethex provide similar services to the EMEA markets leveraging U.S. technology and business practices.


Small Business Funding


De Novo, through its subsidiary Pango Financial, offers equipment and accounts receivable funding, as well as small business and start-up support through conventional bank loans, marketable securities, unsecured lines of credit, SBA and paycheck protection program loans. Through our DreamSpark® program, entrepreneurs can unlock retirement savings to invest in their own business, tax deferred and penalty free.


Analytics and
Data Management


Through Creative Solutions, Convergence Group and our alliance partners Corserv and Zeta, De Novo offers comprehensive capabilities in data sourcing, development, management and analytics, with access to billions of online transaction data to inform targeting and channel strategies.


Program Management


All De Novo subsidiaries in the U.S., EMEA and Canada provide a wide range of interim management, site management and project management services in the seaport, banking, insurance, national resources, and oil and gas industries.




Enorvex provides logistical support to extend reach within inland Africa and the Middle East. We also assist in business process outsourcing (BPO), telemarketing, security and other related services tailored to your needs.


Natural Resources


Earthorex provides access to hardscape raw materials for export to include aggregate to support the construction trades.