The secret to best-in-class omni-channel orchestration

The key to solving most marketing challenges is to develop the right strategy, the right offer, at the right time and to the right audience. Marketing decision makers agree (87%) that access to people-based data helps improve and address rising customer expectations, creates better decision making and grows revenue.

Many marketers have been enhancing their first party data (e.g.,  information collected from customers, website visitors and Facebook) with additional data sets from the various sources for decades, whether it’s credit bureau data, demographic/psychographic data (e.g., income, age, gender, marital status, and buyers’ habits, spending habits, values and hobbies) or ancillary list enhancements (e.g., voter registration, magazine/publications, etc.)

Imagine being able to enhance your first party data with over 25 billion real-time interest data and intent signals (e.g., your intent would be indicated when you visit a website, download an article or read a white paper—all about a related topic) that are derived from the power of artificial intelligence. And imagine being able to access over 360 million permission-based email addresses. And finally, what if a digital ID tied this all together for a 100% match rate across email, social, direct marketing, and efficient programattic ad buying

No need to imagine, Creative Solutions can provide this solution today. Blending our proprietary, permission-based data cloud with your first party data can allow you access to directly connect you with the right customer, at the right time with the right offer.

In the above example, a financial services client can integrate all channels for an auto loan. Pat receives a pre-screened credit offer via direct mail. The same offer is then presented via follow-up email, display and social ad––all pre-screened because of the ability to link via the digital ID. The intent signals informed by behavioral, transactional and location-based data provide deeper insights to audience behavior and intent.

Let Creative Solutions help you develop best-in-class omni-channel orchestration. Deliver enhanced 1:1 marketing with the right message, at the right time across all channels including mobile, email, display, connected TV, social, native, video, and direct mail.

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