Helping businesses, partners and clients succeed

With a vision to help other businesses succeed, De Novo Corporation, a privately-held company, was founded in 1998 by three bankers who have extensive marketing, operations, and finance expertise collectively.

By bridging thought and execution, we created a value chain through subsidiaries and alliances that help clients make better informed, data-driven decisions. We’ve implemented operations reengineering, profit optimization, program management, marketing campaign management, and database builds across select global markets.

Portfolio of Owned Subsidiaries

We’re always looking to invest in opportunities to start a new business that creates a future of progress and customer benefit.

Information-based direct marketing agency


Direct marketing solutions and business consultancy


Strategic Consultancy: Business, operations, marketing, data and credit


Direct marketing solutions and business consultancy


Small business funding services


Student loan company that originated over $4 billion in assets within four years and sold at a substantial premium when the industry was nationalized. Formerly K2 Financial Solutions.

Investment portfolio of EMEA companies

Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)


Port, railway and airport 
management (integrated 
asset management)


Aggregate, minerals
and metals


EMEA and United States cross-market private placement capital raise and advisory services



A global assistance and international logistics company.



Enacting and Facilitating Trade With EMEA Markets




Global public relations and
business consulting


Strategic Alliances

To round out the value chain and enhance beneficial services, De Novo is engaged in several strategic alliances.

Global payment processing
including virtual and plastic
prepaid cards

Omnichannel payment
processing solutions

Optimizing strategic sourcing
and profitability

Fast, easy, accurate payroll,
human resources and tax services

Intuizi's intelligence platform helps brands better understand and act on mobile data

Turnkey credit card servicing
and management

Government, political,
lobbying and media relations

Investing in life sciences

An investment fund focused on life sciences companies

Open banking and decision
analytic platform

World’s largest data cloud and
digital marketing solutions

Tech-smart tools and services
for business financing solutions

Develops, manufactures, licenses, sells, integrates and supports FinTech, Business & Lifestyle Technologies and related services



De Novo Corporation
1011 Centre Road, Suite 104
Wilmington, DE 19805
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